Wk 15 – Classmate Interview – Abigail Garcia

This week I interviewed Abigail Garcia, who was nice enough to let me interview her even though she had already interviewed someone else as well. She is a second year Psychology major at CSULB. She got into the psychology field because she is passionate about child development and wants to be a children’s psychologist. Children have always been important to her and as an example of that, she also enjoys babysitting in her spare time.

Abigail is also a family person. She currently has six people living in her household, one of which being her older brother who is twenty four years old. She mentioned that he doesn’t go to CSULB but that he’s a life inspiration of hers and is nice to have around.

Her personal interests include tennis and music. She likes tennis because its a really fun sport and keeps her very active. She has been playing tennis since her freshman year of high school and enjoys that it gives her a good cardio workout. In terms of music, she mainly likes pop, alternative rock and more recently, reggae. Her two current favorite artists are Foster the People and OneRepublic, who have both dominated the radio pop scene in recent years.


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