Wk 15 – Gallery Visit / Artist Interview – Body^3 / Troy Rounseville

While I generally enjoy all the galleries each week, every so often there’s one gallery that stands out by comparison. One can argue that maybe some things appeal more to some people and other things to other people but Troy Rounseville’s exhibit is standout awesome and he’s an artist that I definitely vibe with as a person.

photo 1

To describe Body^3, Upon walking in, you see four seemingly remote controlled instruments in the corners of the room: A guitar with a slide and automated strumming arm run through a phaser, a blue Gretsch kick drum beating repeatedly without a distinct pattern, a sideways keyboard run through a Korg microprocessor with little metal arms below it to pull different keys into the playing position, and a record player playing forwards and backwards and jumping around from track to track. In the middle of the room is a smaller room with only one door and no windows. Every wall on the inside is lined with yellow tint mirrors that have a couple diamond shaped holes in various places. Upon further inspection, the room is actually a control center and the black diamonds are sensors that set of the different instruments. When the different sensors are triggered to combine and alternate various sounds, the control room becomes a makeshift cockpit to a surreal spaceship.

photo 2

I first asked Troy what his inspiration behind this project was. He mentioned that it was influenced by the way that emotions are often expressed through digital media such as texting or online social media. We talked about the way these interactions create a digital persona and how sometimes certain expression can be unclear at the fault of the digital media itself rather than the communicator. Having a limited experience in soldering and electronics myself, I asked how rough the wiring for this project was, especially because the keyboard had individual arms per key that were each set off by the different sensors. He mentioned that it was rough but that he enjoyed the finished product. He is mostly a visual artist and works in sculpture but took some classes that combine programming and kinetics with art and that made him want to work with it further.

photo 4

I then asked if he was a music person and he mentioned that he really likes punk music and used to be in bands. Of course my bandmate Andy had interviewed him earlier, so he knew I was in a band, but I can only assume his bands were a million times better just based on the various names: Drinkers Purgatory and Teradacdudes to name a few. Troy plays drums and bass and of course all the instruments from the exhibit where his. I thoroughly enjoyed the exhibit and the concepts that Troy brings awareness to.


Wk 15 – Classmate Interview – Abigail Garcia

This week I interviewed Abigail Garcia, who was nice enough to let me interview her even though she had already interviewed someone else as well. She is a second year Psychology major at CSULB. She got into the psychology field because she is passionate about child development and wants to be a children’s psychologist. Children have always been important to her and as an example of that, she also enjoys babysitting in her spare time.

Abigail is also a family person. She currently has six people living in her household, one of which being her older brother who is twenty four years old. She mentioned that he doesn’t go to CSULB but that he’s a life inspiration of hers and is nice to have around.

Her personal interests include tennis and music. She likes tennis because its a really fun sport and keeps her very active. She has been playing tennis since her freshman year of high school and enjoys that it gives her a good cardio workout. In terms of music, she mainly likes pop, alternative rock and more recently, reggae. Her two current favorite artists are Foster the People and OneRepublic, who have both dominated the radio pop scene in recent years.