Wk 13 – Gallery Visit

This week I’ve chosen to write about the BFA Drawing and Painting Show Exhibition. These paintings submitted were one of the final requirements of attaining the BAchelors of Fine Arts degree in Painting. The exhibit description mentions that this is a particularly diverse group who has been very expansive with contemporary art styles.

photo 5

While I don’t remember all of the artists for certain paintings I like, I do however remember Yee Li, who I had interviewed before. I remember Yee from a few exhibits back when she did a collaborative exhibit with Maggie Green. Her style is instantly recognizable in one submission (below) and somewhat present in the other (featured image). In my last interview with her, she explained that the lines that seemed to shoot out into every direction and out of the canvas symbolize stress and anxiety. She also mentioned last time that a different painting with perspective lines in the background represented a box or being trapped; that may be the case for these boxes as well in my opinion.

photo 4

I had taken a picture of the artist roster but unfortunately I didn’t manage to take pictures of the tiny numbers next to the paintings themselves to identify which artist did what. But regardless here are two other paintings I really liked. The two paintings below seem like they may be by the same artist because of the similar patterns they do to fill spaces or add texture to certain areas. In the first one, I really like the red moon (or red planet, not sure of the intention) because of how they managed to make it look like a shining orb while still layering on their patterns and working with the light. I really like the second painting as well because of how it looks like the landscape flows and also fights for the space on the canvas. Like it seems as if base colors of green red and blue were kind of just globbed onto the canvas and the painting itself was done over that to give the hill a molten look. Not that it was even in question before, but these artists have definitely worked very hard to prove their deserving of the BFA in Painting.

photo 1photo 2


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