Wk 12 – Activity – Teach One

The activity this week is teaching something as opposed to doing something specific based on the given instructions. Based on this premise, I decided to make a video on how to play a record, my favorite music format. I really like records because I feel that there’s a lot more room for creativity that other formats can’t really offer. For instance, the cover art is much bigger, which in my opinion does cover art more justice because the listener gets to see all the detail magnified. The larger format also more commonly allows for gatefolds (records that open up to have an inside, commonly because some records require two discs and therefore the two panels provide two slots for records). This gives artists (both musicians and visual artists) more than twice as many large surfaces to add something in pairing with the music. It is also widely debated that vinyl, in good condition played on a nicer turntable through nicer speakers, actually provides the best lossless sound quality over other digital formats.

Looking back on my video, I definitely could’ve been more clear and concise but I think all the information is there. I run through the basic steps for how to place the record on the turntable, play it through and finish it, and the differences between playing LPs and 45s. Unfortunately I realized all too late that vertically recording video is a horrible horrible idea, so sorry about that. Enjoy the video otherwise!


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