Wk 12 – Activity Feedback

This post serves as an overall review of the Fall Art 110 class taught by Glenn Zucman (so far)

3 Favorite Activities:

-Gallery Visits: Really enjoyed seeing the art made by other, very talented CSULB students and various affiliated organizations. Meeting the artists was also really cool because you get more backstory and thought process but I felt bad knowing that the artists were probably asked the same questions repeatedly and were somewhat bombarded by all the students wanting an interview.

-Spraypainting: Not very often that an art class lets you paint something on that scale and going to the Legal Art Walls in Venice was really cool. Would definitely go back on my own to try it again

-Instagram: Easy to do, got people thinking in a different way about something that you already do every day. Was cool to very easily participate in something a lot bigger with the whole class.

3 Least Favorite Activities:

-Classmate Interviews: May not seem it but I’m not much of a people person. Didn’t mind interviewing people as much as I minded having to repeatedly break out of my shell and go ask someone to be interviewed after the class started somewhat becoming groups of cliques, especially on days when I’m just wasn’t in the mood to have to meet someone new. Would like less of the interviews or a better way to randomly match people.

-Plaster Casting: Didn’t mind going to the beach to do it but would’ve preferred an alternate option where I didn’t have to buy stuff, make a mess trying to do it and then the mold kinda comes out like a log if you’re not experienced with it.

-Vlog: Not a fan of blogging to begin with (because I prefer the more immediate and brief information delivery on other social media) nor am I a fan of recording myself talking.

While I didn’t do as well as I honestly should have for a multitude of reasons, I thoroughly enjoyed the ART 110 class. The activities were well-picked and all served some purpose which was obvious by Glenn Zucman’s dedication to making it something much more than your average GE-requirement art class. I feel the Tuesday lectures could be a bit less tangential but the content of the lectures and the professor were still very interesting. I think the class could benefit from some activities where you get to meet new classmates without necessarily needing to break one’s comfort zone by having to find someone new to talk to. Overall though, the class was relevant, fun, interesting, and easily manageable as far as the workload. I enjoyed the class very much and would recommend it to really anyone.


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