WK 11 – Activity – Your Turn!

In previous posts I’ve mentioned that I’m in a band called Plastic Castle but I’ve been lacking in providing concrete follow-up to that. I’ve honestly never been much of a self promotion type and so I didn’t link our YouTube videos or Facebook page to any of my posts or even give my band any posts of its own. Even if we ever did completely put together a Kickstarter worth donating to (for the purchase of a bunch of lasers), there wouldn’t even be a way for the extremely few amount of my readers to know how to find us. Well that changes with this post.


Last night we performed at Suzy’s Bar & Grill in Hermosa Beach. Now before I start coming across cocky or full of myself, let me point out that the place is still technically a dive bar that anyone can play by coming in and getting an open slot on the calendar. Furthermore, we’ve played there before and I’ve even played there with my horrible screamo band from high school. That being said this show differs for a number of reasons, the biggest one being that this show was basically our own. We were able to play an entire hour and twenty minute set straight through, no interruptions, no cutting out songs from the set, no pressure to set up and finish in a timely manner. This may not seem so significant to some but for a comparison, we were lucky enough to headline the Whiskey a Go Go in Hollywood on the Sunset Strip but were given 30 minutes to work with. We were even shorted a few minutes because the band before us, as down to earth as they were of people, played a whole fifteen minutes over their own set time. Welcome to Hollywood, I guess.

While this may not be the only time or even the best time that I’ve felt good after a show, it was definitely the most beneficial to our band’s career. For instance, the crowd mostly consisted of our families and close friends who knew about the show beforehand but we got legitimately positive feedback from everyone. The keywords in that sentence are actually “mostly” and “everyone”. What I mean by that is that over a quarter of the people in the bar were either bar regulars or people there to see the band playing after us. The reason I’m happy to get positive feedback from those people the most is because it let’s me know that we’ve actually got something here that can appeal to the casual listener or even an unsuspecting concert festival-goer.

Furthermore, after we finally finished packing away our absolutely nuts amount of equipment, it turns out that people had actually tipped us 120 dollars. While I can mostly attribute that to family members just being nice, that’s a lot of money to come from just tips and I’m super appreciative regardless. And even on top of that, just as we were about to leave, the owner of the place comes up to us and tells us that he really likes our band and that they want to pay us for playing. We walk back in and the woman at the register hands us another 90 dollars. The most obvious reason I would be happy is because my band just walked away with 210 dollars after playing a show that was literally free. But on a more subtle note, the owner took his time to come tell us that he likes our band and that he wanted us to play again soon. This is someone that’s seen more than his fair share of amazing bands, shitty bands and everything in between. This is a perfect example of building good karma with the venues and a microscopic stepping stone to a real music career.

photo (9)

So this marks the first time I’m going to fully promote my band to its full extent:

Plastic Castle:

Andy (the guitarist for Plastic Castle) also has a blog which you can check out here: http://andrewraragon.wordpress.com/

False Symmetry (my horrible screamo band from high school): https://www.facebook.com/FalseSymmetry


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