Wk 7 – Artist Interview – Yee Li / Maggie Freed

This week’s artist interview was particular enjoyable because I actually got to interview two artists at once who collaborated on a project called “Introspection”. Prior to actually knowing this, I went into the exhibit and was thoroughly impressed already with the linework and different techniques involved, but after the artists told me how the did a few paintings individually and a few collaboratively, I was beyond impressed. When I asked about the main theme of the exhibit as a whole, they said it was about expression, anxieties, and a look into the cramped and convoluted space of the mind.

I then asked each of them how they first got into art. Maggie started by saying she was originally going to study Marine Biology but she always had an interest in art. She was then inspired by her high school art teacher senior year to pursue art as her focus if she felt it was where her passion was. Yee said she had a similar experience with the field of BioChem. She’s loved art from a very young age and eventually realized it was where she was putting all of her free time. It was only logical then to redefine her focus so that her free time hobby became her actual focus.

I noticed that even though they started theit art careers similarly, they had different yet complementing personalities, so I then talked to them about the dynamic of their collaboration. They actually set up the exhibit so that one person’s individual work would be on one wall, the other on another wall, and then another wall for the there where their unique styles collide. Maggie’s pieces contain lots of triangles and structures made up of clustered triangles. She says that these triangle clusters and repeating line patterns represent rigidness and repetition in life and the stress created as a bi-product of this. Yee’s work can be more characterized by areas with either lots of space or a serious lack of space. One painting in particular included a perspective effect that she says is the different things a fishtank can represent such as entrapment. When their styles were combined (as in the picture above), one really sees how the exhibit is an expression of introspection. The paintings themselves are the aftermath of two fellow artists letting loose after being overwhelmed by the stressors of the mind.

Maggie Freed
Maggie Freed
Yee Li
Yee Li

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