Wk 6 – Classmate Interview – Rachel Peng

This week I had the pleasure of meeting Rachel Peng, a freshman pre-nursing student here at CSULB. It is an interesting major choice for her because she likes the idea of working with kids, a detail that made sense later on in the conversation. After our basic introductions, we started talking about what we liked. I found that while Rachel and I lead very different lives, we stumbled upon lots of unexpected overlap, such as a shared appreciation for cold gloomy weather in places like Seattle.

Some of Rachel’s interests and hobbies right off the bat are blogging and photography, her favorite type being perspective photography. Furthermore she mentioned that she is also interested in Web design, which I found interesting because I am currently a coder in training. I asked how she came to this interest and she mentioned that her first experience with code was the customization aspect of Neopets, also very interesting because it was a bit of a blast from the past.

I asked her how she likes to spend her free time and then she mentioned that she likes to be involved in her church’s youth community in Cyprus. She helps with things such as confirmation retreats because she likes the idea of kids having opportunities to participate in their faith. This sparked a connection in my mind to the nursing major, and I realized even more that Rachel is a very nice person who likes to take care of the youth, physically and spiritually. She also mentioned that she likes to mix the sound live for the church band, which is also overlap grounds because I am looking into getting into mixing and audio engineering as career path myself.

This led to the eventual conversation about music, which seemingly is never avoided with my classmate interviews. She learned to mix through friends but on her own she plays a little bit of piano, flute, and clarinet although she says she hasn’t played in a while. Overall Rachel is a great person who seems to enjoy life, so I hope I get to talk to her a lot more this semester.


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