Wk 6 – Artist Interview – Shane Aufdemberg

One struggle of the art world nowadays is deciding how one wants to present themselves as a creator. The most common approach is to create the work and then seek to have it gain some publicity, which usually involves the creator being very active or outspoken in interviews and on the internet through various social media. Shane’s approach however, is very uncommon and even to most, offputting. I can tell as a person he is very dedicated to his work, but wants the work to be the full representation by saying few words and seeming somewhat standoffish towards interviews. To credit him though, he was still being a very good sport and taking numerous interviews after his exhibit, “Deficient” could only be half experienced by the massive ART 110 class size.


His obvious disappointment in that situation was what actually made me want to interview him because it was apparent that he had put serious work and thought into his art. Before I started the interview, I asked if the piece would be fully operational later so I could get the full effect. He let me in with the strobe clicker and I was able to be immersed in a dark room, whose contents could only be seen in the glimpse of each strobe. The quick flashes of a couch, some plants, and a dim fire inspired tension and a very pure uneasiness that was in its own way impressive.

I first asked a broad question along the lines of what makes him gravitate towards art, and he said that it bridges gaps in language and tells stories that words often can’t. He comes from a background of photography but he says his favorite medium is sculpture because of its open-endedness and characteristic of being hard to define. When I asked to elaborate more on “Deficient”, he gave me a somewhat cryptic answer but I think I’ve loosely pieced together the the ideas. He said it dealt with the way memory is mediated through perception, falsehoods in perception, and theatrics, all of which I was able to take away from the piece.

While Shane may not be the information-spewing outspokenly proud artist that we expect to interview every week, he transfers powerful ideas through his work and a key few words.


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