Wk 6 – Activity – Drawing

While this week’s focus was on something you would find in a traditional art appreciation class, the activity still sought to put a spin on the concept of drawing. This week we used the drawing app, French Girls, which allows users to draw each other through reproduction of selfies, hence the clever Titanic reference. This ties into the idea that you really need to look at the reference for the drawing to learn how to draw. If you draw what you know rather than what you see, then the reference becomes less significant.

photo 2 (1)

The header image above is a screenshot of my selfie drawn by another user. My picture is of me looking at a Darth Vader clock in the background, so the artist decided to take a cartoony approach to it. Becuase of the availability of this app on the iphone for free, it is expected that the quality of drawings will not be amazing, however some are really good. The best ones usually come from users who can draw on an iPad or just take the time to make their drawings very original. The image above this paragraph is creative in the way that it joins the selfie and drawing frames to be one image.

photo 4

This last picture is one I drew of a girl with a lip piercing. I decided to show that I was looking at the image and seeing what stood out to base the new drawing on. I don’t mean this as offense to the girl, rather I see as fun that allows lots of people to participate in. I enjoyed this activity because it reminded me that one of the best things about drawing is the ability to see something and then spin it in a new light.


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