Wk 5 – Gallery Visit – Eve Luckring

While the artist wasn’t there to be interviewed, I took a particular interest in a video-compilation-esque project by Eve Luckring. The overall project is called Junicho Video Renku and is a series of “twelve tone” poems. Each one is roughly two minutes in length and consists of sound and imagery meant to both piece together and shift between different ideas.

For instance the video which features the snapshot above actually starts with a bug of some sort (no idea what it was, but it had a ton of legs and wasn’t a centipede/millipede) walking to the background of fast paced piano playing. Then it shifts to images of the surface of the moon with scary movie esque-noises. Finally it switches abruptly to the image of the luchador toy as a bell is dinged.

The format of the project forces the viewer to think “how is this all connected?”, and then from there the user pieces it together how they see fit, or at least that’s my interpretation of it. It is based off of the concept of renku, a form of collaborative Japanese poetry where participants express ideas in alternating verses. This form of poetry actually led to the birth of haiku, another very popular Japanes poetry style. I really liked this piece because I felt like the “link and shift” almost made it so that there was no real beginning or end. Yet somehow they managed to do it in a way that strings all the segments without being cyclic. I’d like to think that the story portrayed here doesn’t need a beginning or end because it constantly pieces itself and breaks apart at the same ime


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