Wk 5 – Classmate Interview – Amir Kiani

This week marks the last time I will interview someone from the class that I already know, but that’s not to say interviewing some you know isn’t worth the experience as well. I’ve known him for a little over two years and I’ve come to learn that he’s got stories for days. He’s a laid back kind of guy with enough stories about messing around with his friends to write a book. Furthermore we share a common interest in music, which is always a prevalent discussion topic for us.

He’s played piano on and off for roughly 13 years, he and have jammed together on quite a few occasions. His perception of music as a whole has expanded when he started learning about music production and music making software. He’s honed his craft to the point that he is well-versed in Ableton and MIDI instruments and produces hip hop beats and loops. He names people like Art Tatum (a 1950ss jazz pianist) and Flea (bassist for the Red Hot Chili Peppers) as influences because of their dedication, uniqueness, and style within their respective genres. As for how he started playing piano, he originally wanted to learn violin but his parents said he should start with piano and move to violin after he learned music theory. The violin never happened but Amir says that if he was going to pick a new instrument nowadays, it would be something more along the lines of cello or upright bass.

We then asked questions to stray from the topic of music because we would end up going for hours, the norm conversation between two musicians. We talked about hat actors would play us in a movie and he chose Sean Connery for his voice and demeanor. I also asked him what he would do with 100 grand out of sheer curiosity expecting him to drop it all on something really cool but he actually went the smarter route. He said he’d go about it keenly investing to really make the most out of it, but if he absolutely had to spend it, he’d get a decent car, a decent apartment, and just spend his free time living comfortably.


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