Wk 5 – Activity – Counterfactual Identity

It seems that in today’s age, identity is more important than ever. Society is pushing towards individuals who are do what they love because the want to and are proud of who they are. One of the ways one might join society in that light is by asking oneself, “Who are you?” and the answer is usually a list of interests, personality traits, and a personal history or background. But do you ever ask yourself, “Who aren’t you?”

This week the assignment was basically to turn the tables a bit and broadcast a different image than the one you put on every day on a normal basis. There are many different ways one might take this, some more subtle than others, including performing different activities and changing one’s appearance. While I didn’t do a whole to drastically change myself, I chose to experiment with just a little bit of either of those methods.

Firstly, I parted my hair in the opposite direction, which gave me bangs on one side because of the strange haircut I got recently. You can’t quite tell in the original picture but my barber left the front and top way long. I got a few compliments from people I knew and a friend of mine said it made me look “artsy”. As for changing up m everyday activities, I took the bus to class for once, which was a nice change considering how hot it was. This may not seem like much but normally my morning walk or skate to class with headphones on is how I get myself ready to face the day, a practice I developed because I hate school. I don’t mean that as an offense to teachers or students who like school but I dread having to sit in one spot and be fed information when the mast majority of it is useless in the overall big picture of life. It’s arguable that school is an entirely different experience than I might realize, so I decided to actually pay close attention in my classes for the day. Once again, this may not seem like much but I took it more as a test to see how well I could put myself in a different mindset and go against a tendency that, at this point was ingrained into my habits.

While it was nice to subtly step outside my comfort zone, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to consistently pay attention like I did that day. I’m an alright student and I get pretty decent grades with the decent involvement I have in my classes. I’m keeping the new hairstyle however because in all honesty I’m starting to think that my hair was supposed to be parted that way in the first place. Regardless, the experience has given me some perspective on myself and shed light on who I am and who I am not.


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