Wk 4 – Classmate Interview – Maeghan McBee

This week I had the pleasure of interviewing Maeghan McBee, a sophomore here at CSULB currently in the criminal justice major. She is from Norcal, more specifically Brentwood, and she was influenced by watching CSI: Las Vegas with her grandmother.  We talked about her interest in relation to careers and she says that she would like to be a detective because of the job’s tendency to be non-repetitive as each case is always going to be different. If being a detective doesn’t work out, she says she might like to look into a job in the field of rehabilitation. The field of criminal justice appeals to her at lot because she likes to know that justice is being done but also to know that people are being helped to live good lives even after the criminal justice system has been applied, a very noble view on the field in my opinion.

I then asked what her outside-school interests were and she mentioned painting, more specifically watercolor. She’s been painting on and off since she was little and mentioned really liking what you can do with texture and brushstroke. In her cherry blossom painting below, you can see an example of that with the streak background. I also liked another painting she did of an eye, which was interesting in watercolor because of color choice.


We talked about which art galleries from that week we liked and she was drawn to one with various layers of melted down glass into different shapes and textures. She said it reminded her of coral and tide pools, especially when the artist used shards of more colorful glass. We talked about the more shapeless pieces and transitioned into talking about abstract art and other mediums she enjoys, such as black & white photography. She says sometimes with a black and white photograph, she feels that she can see details that she may not pick up in a color picture because the color itself can be a distraction.

Lastly, we talked about her hobbies and how she spends her free time left after school and painting. She mentioned that she likes to go hiking, a hobby we share, and reading, a hobby that we definitely do not share. I do understand the appeal though, because she mentioned that both hobbies were a form of escape and that you can really immerse yourself in a book. Even though she hasn’t watched much of the show, she is currently reading Orange is the New Black.

Check out her blog here: http://maeghanmcbee.wordpress.com/


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