WK 3 – Classmate Interview – Carina LaMarchina

This week I branched out a bit and interviewed Carina LaMarchina. When I asked about her pre-college background, she told me she is from Thousand Oaks, California and went to an independent private high school with an altered format for gearing its students up for the college experience, which I found interesting. She is currently a Freshman sociology major but she is looking to get into something more along the lines of graphic design.

I then asked her what drew her originally to sociology and what now draws her to graphic design. She mentioned that she liked sociology as a subject in high school because it is very broad and that she strayed away from other social sciences like psychology because of how impacted they are as a major. For graphic design, she said that she has an interest in company logos and animation, two very different skillsets that both stem from graphic design. She also mentioned that she likes working with and looking at things that are very colorful.

We then talked about her interests outside of school and she mentioned acting. She didn’t do it within the high school setting itself but during that time she did some acting outside of school and said she recently auditioned for Smosh, notable YouTube channel and web content creators. Considering we had just come out of the galleries, we talked about which gallery we were drawn to. She said she enjoyed Christopher Vavrek’s “server and protect the virus [too big to succeed]” because while it looked like a tech tornado, it still managed to be very colorful and interesting to look at.

Check out her blog here: http://carinalamarchina.com/


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