WK 2 – Activity – Relational Aesthetics

The assignment this week was to participate in a representative “class selfie” by posting pictures on Instagram with the tag “#Art110F14”. This allowed us to get a collective yet also personal look into the lives of the students participating because the pictures could be of whatever you wanted. The observation that I make is that this creative freedom shows how connected we are ass a class by just being in similar places and situations at similar times. My first post was bright and early in the morning and exploits one of the most common examples of the human condition, running late.


A good chunk of the posts were from the art galleries we visit weekly, collectively showing different ways that the students of the class actually appreciate art. Here in particular, another friend of the poster’s expresses wanting to go, adding to the idea that gallery visits themselves are a social environment.


I found this next photo interesting despite how I personally feel about selfies. Pictures like this however, give us a glimpse into the lives of each of us and really shows that humans have an inherent want for representation, although not necessarily attention. We all post online to let the word get a view of us that is catered to be what we want ourselves to look like, whether or not that representation actually gets attention or not.


I chose to make my last post something personal and somewhat defining of myself, if that’s not too pretentious to say. I’ve been record collecting for years and my Pink Floyd collection in particular is something I’m proud of and am fairly near completing. I suppose this is a good picture because it goes to show that even though I know people post what they would want the world to see, I’m no different. I partake in the same arguably mundane activities and am probably as connected to the grid as the next person in my own way. Now the question becomes, is it an issue?

To see the rest of the posts online, search the tag “#Art110F14” on Instagram


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