Wk 1 – Classmate Interview – Michelle Morte

I had the pleasure of interviewing Michelle Morte, who I’ve known for a few years prior to this course. Over the years I’ve come to know her, she’s always seemed like the type of person that just wants to enjoy life. She knows what makes her happy and likes to experience a wide range of interests such as travel, photography and gourmet food. More recently, she just launched her own film production label and the first short film is underway. For this interview however, I sought to expand on the knowledge I already had of Michelle and see what shapes her to be the person she is.

I first asked about her aspirations and learned that she wants to really expand her film niche to one day run her own professional film production studio. In terms of the specific product, she enjoys the idea of mostly making short films and music videos which would help to her to keep working on project after project. She excels in that if she is really passionate about something, she can really focus and organize to make sure everything gets done how it’s supposed to and in a timely manner. Especially if she is interested in the project idea itself, as she is with this first film which she also wrote, I’ve seen her be willing to balance stress, time constraints, and apparently a few overactive egos within the field.

That being said she definitely enjoys to relax when she gets the right windows of time. She’s always been easy to get along with because neither of us is the judgement type, and we both enjoy taking a step back from life for a while to sit back and listen to records or watch movies. Furthermore, she says what she thinks and doesn’t beat around the bush. It could be said that there is less brain to mouth filter with Michelle, but if you think about it, that’s definitely for the better. Do you really want to be having a conversation with someone and think about how much they’ve processed what they’re going to say to you in hopes that you don’t get offended? Wouldn’t it make more sense for friends to just say things to each other and then friends say things back without mucking it up with so much thought process?

The conversation lastly shifted to our opinions of authority in context of school and police. While Michelle is a naturally positive person, her trust is to be earned, something the average authority has yet to do. Like many keeping up with current events and living in populous cities with mass intimidating police forces, she is wary of authority figures and their abuse of power. While we shared different perspectives on the topic, we both understand the other’s viewpoint and we’re better friends for the ability to agree to disagree, which also goes to show Michelle is a thinker.

She also had Greek food the day before the interview. She said it was good. I made sure to write that down.



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